Business Intelligence Solutions

Choosing the most appropriate electronic health record (EHR) and/or billing/scheduling system for your facility can be confusing and extremely time-consuming. Our management team has conducted extensive research, evaluated numerous systems on the market, and can provide expertise in evaluating the best options to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Inventory Management and Case Costing

Streamlined management of materials is one of the most challenging and critical operational functions facing surgical centers.  Maintaining proper inventory, reducing unnecessary expenses, and the ability to accurately perform case costing is vital to the success of any surgery center. NSP can help keep the supply chains at your facility running smoothly while implementing cost-saving measures and identifying profitable and non-profitable cases by utilizing detailed case costing systems.  Calculating exact supply, staffing, and overhead costs for each surgical procedure performed, by physician and also by specialty, is critical in effectively contracting with many insurance payors.

IT Solutions

  • Evaluation, negotiation and implementation of comprehensive ASC operating software (EHR, if applicable)
  • Maintenance of inventory management system and processes
  • Evaluation and negotiation of patient satisfaction surveys and accreditation and pre-admission software, as approved by the Board.


Tracking the financial performance of your facility is crucial, and having access to key clinical and financial indicators in real time is key to effectively analyzing trends, monitoring operations, and assessing progress. Populating dashboards manually and only at month-end is time-consuming for ASC staff, and less effective than the flexible business intelligence software solutions NSP can provide.